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Our standard rates for natural gas customers are decreasing from 1 April 2024. For more information, please click here.

Energy Efficiency

Using Gas Efficiently In Your Business 

We offer energy advice to existing and new business customers. Please contact us on 0345 900 5253 for further information. Our staff will work with your energy and facilities teams, independent, registered energy auditors, architects, suppliers and installers to assist you in identifying energy efficiency measures for your business.

Our energy advice for business customers is free of charge. 

Much of the advice outlined in Code of Practice on Efficient Use of Gas is also applicable to commercial customers. We also offer specific advice and support to both new and existing customers. Our aim is to ensure that you minimise energy costs and become more energy efficient. 

If you would like more information, please contact: 

Carbon Trust 

Phone: 02890 734394 


Energy efficiency 

The natural gas industry supports ongoing research and development to produce new utilisation technologies aimed at improving the efficiency of natural gas fired equipment.
A plant that was ‘state of the art’ twelve years ago may have been overtaken by the latest equipment and controls, which have the potential to reduce energy consumption, delivering economic and environmental savings. Using our advice you can review existing equipment and control systems and help your business become more energy efficient. 

Using Natural Gas 

Natural Gas is typically used by business for: 

Space and Water Heating 

  • Existing boilers and lightweight Low Water Content Boilers have efficiency levels of less than 85%. 
  • Condensing Boilers and Air Heaters give efficiencies up to 95%, by condensing water vapour from the products of combustion. 
  • Direct Fired Warm Air Heaters draw fresh air into the unit and heat it. This highly efficient system can deliver over 90% efficiencies and is ideal for places that need high ventilation rates. 
  • Other systems include Radiant Heaters, Balanced-flue Convector Heaters and Packaged Roof-mounted units. 


Natural gas is the first choice for cafes, restaurants, and fast food outlets, with an ever increasing range of versatile and energy efficient appliances. We can advise you on a range of these including – 

  • Convection ovens 
  • Pressure steamers 
  • Combination ovens 
  • Natural Gas heated dishwashers 


Process equipment is normally very specific to individual customers. With our team of experienced and qualified consultants, we are well placed to offer practical advice to ensure that such equipment is operating in an efficient manner whilst ensuring high product quality. 

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